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Welcome Home! Please make yourself comfortable and explore this website for Ska Country Punk Folk Purveyor Cal Doonican. Explore the little nooks and crannies. Watch out for Fireworks at the up-coming gigs. There ( certainly was )at The Spotted Dog , Digbeth , on Thursday 5th November. And verbal fireworks aplenty when Cal joined Attila The Stockbroker and HumDrum Express at Katie Fitzgeralds Stourbridge on 19th November (2015)

Here at LAG RECORDS , operating on a second hand shoestring budget, it can be hard to keep up with the likes of SONY. Updating websites can be a challenge for example. Our new stratergy is to provide quick updates in brackets and bold print…for example (bold).As seen in the previous paragraph. We hope it will enable us to maximise output with minimum effort. Like Cal Doonican , as outlined in the song “Still”, we “work hard to take it easy”.

Cal Doonican is the original Ska Country Punk Folker. He provides Light EntertainmentFor Heavy People. UnEasy Listening.His songs tackle the big issues, and the dirty little issues, from unexpected angles. Each show is an emotional roller coaster . Ska provides the rhythm, country influences the tunes and tales of woe, punk informs the attitude and politics and folk, it’s the story…the history…the stories of the peeps.Strap yourself in. Enjoy the ride.

And by the way the album Still is available digitally for the first time from around 14th December 2015 onwards. Please check out the outlet of your choice, CDBABY, ITunes, Amazon etc. Maybe do a review if you’ve already got the album? Maybe send the link to someone you think will like it too? Thanking you for your support however you show it…visiting us here is beautiful! X

Spotted Dog ,Digbeth, 5/11/15
. High explosives with Cal Doonican and The MeHaRiS