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Live @ KatieFitzgeralds December 2015

This is the he first of a series of short films ,made by Stuart Davison of The Men From Ugly, of Cal performing live at Katie Fitzgeralds in Stourbridge , December 2015. When seen together they show a good half of that evenings performance. It was a great night. A good number of people where there by the end of the set. Not many at the start. Watch the live introduction and you’ll get to meet most of those present. If you listen to the gabble between the songs and the response at the end it’s possible to work out the order of the songs by the fact more peeps arrived throughout. Why some peeps popped down to have a look, then went back upstairs to fetch their mates, because they enjoyed it. Don’t be surprised. Watch…perhaps you’ll enjoy it too. Why not crack open a couple of beers and you’ll feel like you’re really there.