Cal Doonican’s first solo album,”Still”, was released on Thursday 25th September 2014, in a storm of secrecy, by LAG RECORDS. The album was recorded by the legendary Gavin Monaghan,engineered by Joe Murray and was recorded at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton. Cal plays most of the instruments on the ten track album but is joined by friends on certain tracks.Superb performances by Delroy Brown on drums,Enda Mullen on lead guitar and marvellous bass contributions by Martin Fisher on Planet-walker and Gavin on Fool

The first single from the album, “It’s A Gift”, was released on 17th June via iTunes,CDBaby and all the other top sexy digital outlets.
The album is currently only available in hard , physical, CD , real life form at gigs or via LAG Records Associates. LAG Records are currently trying to talk Cal into letting them release it in other formats too.

Update…From approximately 14th December 2015 Still will be available from all the major digital outlets …check out CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon or the digital purveyor of your choice. 

<a href=’http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/caldoonican2′ target=’cdbaby’ style=’display:inline-block;background:url(http://CDBaby.name/c/a/caldoonican2_small.jpg) 117px 9px no-repeat, url(http://www.cdbaby.com/Images/Links/linkmkr_btn5_buyalbum.png) no-repeat;background-size:100px, 100%;height:120px;width:225px;’ title=’Cal Doonican: Still’ alt=’Cal Doonican: Still’ ></a>