Cal Doonican, Jimmy Adams and his Jeep Photo-shoot.


Here at LAG Records we usually like to keep the “Artists”out of the office. But Cal Doonican was gasping for a cuppa when him and Jimmy Adams got back from the photo shoot. He goes on a bit…but we thought we’d let Cal tell you about it. We did tell him to speak like he was talking to someone who didn’t know the area. It’s a worldwide audience we explained.

” I drove over to Jimmy’s…he’s in his usual stylish get-up…like a cross between a Peaky Blinder and a Sapeur…carrying a camera that looked like a sawn off AK47″

“If ever a man was worthy of a Photo-Shoot…it’s Jimmy.He’s so good though he usually finds himself on the invisible side of the camera.He’s a great old friend. Not that either of us is old. He took shed loads of photos.”

“Have you got twenty quid ?…I had to buy a couple pints…The Lord Clifden”.


“Birmingham is a great city. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to ska country punk folk landscapes. But we thought we’d take Jimmy’s dog Jeep for a little spin under Spaghetti Junction. It tends to get overlooked.”

“We’re off up Digbeth now…The Spotted Dog… a tenner will do…”

Yeah…whatever Cal Doonican . Some great photos…the dog looks great in them.