“It’s A Gift” Video

It’s A Gift …YOUTUBE Super Deluxe Version“It’s A Gift is the first single form the forthcoming album” …LAG RECORDS announce…”in true Country Ska Punk Folker style the video to the forthcoming single by Cal Doonican is fascinatingly low budget.It’s a song that celebrates life in the uncomfortable lane.Dodging the potholes and Bandits.It has a heavy undercurrent to it,but like the song it has a positive edge”.

Don’t take our word for it…see for yourself”

The song was inspired by newspaper headlines regarding,amongst other things, what Cal felt was dubious research predicting peaks in unhappiness for certain age groups and the gradual extinction of “gingers”. Cal was of that age group for whom misery was predicted. And although Cal no longer purchases shampoo he remains a spiritual ginger at the very least.

“As a kid I could never understand why people would try and use ginger as an insult…it never offended me…I was proud…it’s a gift…it was always the words immediately before and after ginger that caused offence”.

“I have brought two more gingers into the world personally…that’s my gift to the world…”

“No the song is not a celebration of ginger…although that would be a good subject for a song…it’s about the gift of life and the endless possibilities of that gift.It’s a challenge to those doom-mongers who promote hopelessness and negativity.Life is full of hope and people who triumph in the face of adversity”.

LAG RECORDS will release “It’s A Gift” as a Digital Single on 17th June 2014 through all the major digital and download outlets…iTunes…amazon…cdbaby etc.Please spread the word you beautiful people.

It's A Gift
It’s A Gift