The Meharis…Filthy Punk Popsters from Birmingham

Planning takes time...and Guiness.
Meharis celebrating their Big In Digbeth forthcoming album.
Best Pub in Brum...The Spotted Dog.
When your tired of Digbeth,you’re tired of life.

The Meharis are the latest outfit to sign for LAG Records. They provide the soundtrack to the fight back against the new generation of Milk Snatchers. Updates in ( brackets and bold)

And what a mighty fine band they are.

Their first release with LAG was  THE HURST STREET E.P. on 31st October. Launched with a bang at The Garden Gate Public House HAMSTEAD. No not the London Village one! The proper one in Hamsted, Handsworth ,Birmingham. ( The initial run sold out but we’ve got more. Available at gigs currently…on-line eventually…you know the score)

The E.P. Features four fabulous filthy punk pop tales;

1.The Day I Fell in Love With Patti Bell
2.LadyPool LoverBoy
3.Blown Away

As soon as the IT department at LAG RECORDS get released we’ll drop some media in.( Who are we kidding? No-one! You are discerning people. You know this is a back of a fag packet Steptoe’s Yard operation. But we’re trying!)

The MeHaRiS next gig is at KatieFitzgeralds in Stourbridge on Saturday 5th December. Cal Doonican provides the support…who’d have thought!It was a great night. Videos on YouTube thanks to Stuart Davison.

We are now but a few short months…probably early July…away from the release of the Meharis first album. Entitled “Big In Digbeth ” the album pays respect to Brum and all it’s people and particularly that part of town where all the Meharis have strong, some unspeakable,links and countless happy memories.

More details  to follow . Please watch this space.