The MeHaRiS are Birmingham’s Premier filthy punk Popsters.Yep. On his nights off Cal Doonican has the honour of becoming Cal Mehari and playing bass guitar for this mighty band. Johnny Mehari sings and guitars, Rudi Mehari guitars and Murph Mehari beats those drums into a submarine mission for you baby.

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MeHaRiS Hurst Street EP is out now on LAG records. It features “The Day I Fell In Love With Patti Bell”, “LadyPool Ladyboy” , ” Blown Away ” and “Adorable “. The EP was recorded at Gavin Monaghan’s Magic Garden Studio, yes the very same fine venue that gave birth to Cal Doonican’s album “Still”. Once more Gavin and his main man Joe weaved their hocus pocus and captured The MeHaRiS sound in its raw filthy beauty.Search for The MeHaRiS on YouTube, or enjoy this tasty little taster video attached.

The MeHaRiS played the Patti Bell Birthday Bash at The Hare and Hounds , Kings Heath, Saturday 11th July. A decadent Saturday afternoon special that kicked off at 4.30pm (in more ways that one as it turned out with a gentle altercation in the crowd reminding us all of those punk glory years )or miss out. Later that week The MeHaRiS played once more at the Spotted Dog, Digbeth with Cal Doonican supporting.

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The next MeHaRiS gig is Saturday 5th December at Stourbridge’s Katie Fitzgerald’s great live venue. Cal Doonican again provides support. Free in . Spend all your money on the fine beer .

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Are AdOrAbLe x
Are AdOrAbLe x