Song Writers Cafe, The Treehouse, Birmingham. Republic of The West Midlands.

On 25th September Cal played at Birmingham’s world renowned Song Writers Cafe(SWC). Cal was on the line up with Tom Daly (current singer songwriter/ ex professional footballer), Andy Oliveri, The Old Dance School and Cadbury Sisters.

“It was a beautiful experience. I was overwhelmed to be invited to play by Paul. All the acts were invited to eat at The Treehouse first. We sat down to a cracking meal cooked by Paul and Valeria. Eating in the September sun. With great company of Tom ,Andy and ,truth be told ,especially the gorgeous, witty, chatty Cadbury Sisters. Tom played a great set. I played my set and loved the atmosphere and response from the crowd almost sitting on your lap. Andy played his mesmerising songs. Then after three solo acts in bounced The Old Dance School. Two violins, double bass,guitar,male and female vocals…and wondrous sound introduced with fascinating stories. Look them up on YOUTUBE. And then Cadbury Sisters. Unbelievable . Three sisters with beautiful voices and songs to match. I’d heard them warming up in Paul’s piano room earlier. My heart had nearly stopped. So at least I’d been warned that this was going to be magnificent . And they were.”

“After we stayed around chatting as people gradually floated off. Had a good chinny wag with Robin from The Old Dance School, what a nice chap, they’re at The Glee Club in Birmingham soon. Met man-mountain Martin, who looks like a good wizard, and was setting off to Wales for six months the next day. Marcus from Quinton gave some great insights into the Home Gig scene. Loz introduced me to @chunkymark ,the artist taxi driver”.

“It was brilliant…I could go on and on…”. You have Cal! ” Earlier I’d met Victor ,The Destroyers former driver, he had some great stories …a lovely modest gentleman. I’d also been interviewed by Birmingham DJ legend Robin Valk…luckily before I had time to think about it…”.

You enjoyed it then Cal!

SWC is based in Paul Murphy’s Treehouse. Paul first founded the SWC in 1999.Many great singer songwriters have played over the years , from Steve Gibbons to Ocean Colour Scenes Simon Fowler, a fuller history can be found on