Still…Album Available Digitally For The First Time Christmas 2015

Cal Doonican available Digitally

Back in the day when music was on vinyl,or tape, digitally meant doing something with your digits, your fingers. If you were a pick pocket you would lift that wallet with your fingers, you would lift it digitally, and you might slip it back in there digitally too with your finely trained fingers.Back then a particularly fine pickpocket might be given a nickname that reflected their skills. Such as “Fingers” for example.

Now digitally means something altogether different. And yet the nickname “Fingers” remains popular in some circles. Which circles are these you might possibly be asking? It could be that you have heard that Martin “Fingers” Fisher plays bass guitar on the track Planetwalker on this here digitally released Cal Doonican album. At this point you have probably found yourself checking your pockets. Relax,this Fingers got his name for a completely different digital reason, his guitar prowess…probably anyway.No definitely. Have a listen to Planetwalker. That’s fine bass playing isn’t it. Goes beautifully with Delroy Brown’s fantastic drumming on that track don’t you agree. Delroy “The Actor” Brown gets his nickname from his other job, as an actor funnily enough, see him in Scott and Bailey for example. Strangely he once played a sailor who had his fingers trapped in a freak at sea accident. He was digitally challenged for almost the entire episode of Casualty.Anyway…

Here at LAG Records we are delighted to announce that for the first time since it’s physical release in 2014 Cal Doonican’s album Still is available to by digitally,in the digital form, from all the major purveyors of that type of thing. Click on the link above to check out Cal’s page with CD Baby. Check out the links and the blog…it all works…we’re gradually convincing Cal that technology make not be the work of the devil.And if the link above doesn’t grab you try following the link below;

Cal Doonican Still on iTunes

If you already have the album please offer your review, on CD Baby or indeed,  on any of the well known Digital outlets, ITunes, Amazon ( are they paying tax yet?) whichever you fancy.

Please feel the vibrations for us here at LAG Records thanking you in anticipation .