Incredible venue for live music
TreeHouse…Incredible venue for live music
EP Launch Support 9/4/16
Cal Doonican ( and Jess Silk ) supporting Vix & MsChiefs
Planet Loco unleashed on the live music circuit in Birmingham.
Planet Loco live at The Victoria 22/04/16.
Flying Tonight?
Expect the Unexpected.An Event Of Epic Proportions.A Gig of Giggles and Momentous Music


At Rainbow's Party!
12/03/15 at The Spotted Dog, Digbeth
Thank you for the picture Johnny Meharis hnny Meha
Cal Mehari-ed Doonican
Attila, almost single-handedly ,relieved the mighty KatieFitzgeralds pub of it's supplies of Enville Ginger...allegedly.
A Well Earned Post Gig Pint!
Stem Guns In Stourbridge
Arguments Yard Tour…support from Cal Doonican & HumDrum Express


Live with The Meharis and The Hum Drum Express
Mid-Winter Mayhem and The Meharis 17/12/14


Live AT The Brown Lion
Saturday 2nd November

Silhill FC with The Ju Ju Men, Mangy Bananas and Jacob and Nathan James
Saturday 26th April…Bewdley Street Festival…12.30 to 1.30pm by the Elephant Gate …Rivers Edge.

Thursday 29th May…Fly Busk 12.15 …West Bromwich

Hit and run gigs
Hit and run gigs

Saturday 31st May…Water Orton Cricket Club…7 onwards…Plus Johnny Mehari..Velvet Riot and more!

Thursday 12th June…Fly Busk…12.15…West Bromwich

Friday 27th June…The Garden Gate ,Hamstead…7.30 onwards …with THE MEHARIS

Thursday 14th August…Katie Fitzgerald’s Stourbridge (Born,Bred Believes Night) supporting Rory McLeod UPDATE! Rory did not arrive( kidnapped by aliens?) Cal Doonican was upgraded to Headline Act…with support provided by Dave Onions and HumDrum Express.

Thursday 25th September …Songwriters Cafe…Paul Murphy’s TreeHouse…LIVE ON-LINE RADIO SHOW 9pm to 11pm …see for more details.

Saturday 29th September… Rock For Research…Fundraiser organised by the wonderful Cariss Evans…Open Air Festival in the Eastside City Park by side of the Woodman Pub (opposite Millennium Point, Digbeth)
Monday 27th October, The Cresent Theatre, B16 8AE…(as part of celebration of Birmingham Songwriters…The Circle On The Road)

Friday 28th November ,St Basil’s Sleep Out ,Fundraiser,Digbeth


Wednesday 17th December 2014 live at The Sunflower Lounge supporting The Meharis (&The Hum Drum Express) FREE ENTRY!

Cal and Johnny
The Meharis

IMG_2700Cal Doonican /Sunflower Lounge

Saturday 24TH January The Meharis (With Cracked Actors) The Adam and Eve ,

Sunflower Lounge
Johnny Mehari and Guest Julie Bedwell Dillon

Saturday 21st February 2015 Cal Doonican…Water Orton Cricket Club. This is a Songwriters Night Special with Johnny Mehari.

Sunday 23rd February 2015 Cal Doonican ,Born Bred Believes Album Launch,Katie Fitzgerald’s Stourbridge (Compilation Album all-dayer featuring 4.30pm Ian Marrey, 5.00p.m.Pete Boddice,5.30p.m.Bleeding Hearts, 6.00p.m.Dave Onions, 6.30 p.m. Ben Smith,7.00p.m.PETE LOWE song and speech, 7.30p.m. Cal Doonican, 8.p.m. Vix & Her Mischiefs, 8.30p.m.The HumDrum Express, 9.00p.m. Pete Kelly, 9.30p.m. Sunjay, 10.p.m. Jess Silk, 10.30p.m. Empty Can.

Thursday 12th March The MEHARIS , Cal Doonican and Julie Bedwell Dillon

Saturday 21st March 2015 Cal Doonican ( and The MeHaRiS) at Rock Zombie, King Street ,Dudley DY2 8NY…Brain Tumour Charity Fundraiser…with ( in no particular order) The Supers,Pencils for Pistols,Omar Antony,The Lemuns, The HumDrum Express, Introvert…and more tbc!

Saturday 11th July 2015 The Meharis,The Hare and Hounds,Kings Heath…Starts about 5.P.M. so get there early!


Thursday 16th July , Cal Doonican( supporting The Meharis), Spotted Dog ,Digbeth.

Thursday 5th November, Cal Doonican ( supporting The MeHaRiS ) Spotted Dog ,Digbeth.

Thursday 19th November, Attila The Stockbroker,The HumDrum Express and Cal Doonican , Katie Fitzgeralds ,Stourbridge.

Saturday 5th December, The MeHaRiS and Cal Doonican, KatieFitzgeralds, Stourbridge.

Expect the Unexpected.An Event Of Epic Proportions.A Gig of Giggles and Momentous Music

Friday 29th January,Flying Ant Day,Dead Flowers,Cal Doonican and Long Lost Frank at the Old Coach and Horses, Holly Hall,Dudley DY12EQ.